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Meet the first fully autonomous AI People Platform that will improve productivity, reduce costs, and deliver a better health insurance and HR experience for your People.

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One Single Platform.
HR Software, Payroll Software, Medical Insurance, and Employee Benefits

Smart and powerful user-friendly applications interconnected together using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to radically decrease HR costs, improve your payroll process, get the best quotes from the top health insurance companies in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, and increase your People’s productivity.

Your People Data.
All in Sync

One simple click to update your People information across all your other application, manage document expiry, search employees, view organigrams, retrieve time and attendance swiftly, and get predictive analytics and insights in real-time. At last, your core HR tasks optimized.

A Transformative digital experience for your People

With the power of our AI bot, we will deliver an unmatched level of employee engagement and experience, from real-time answering of their HR questions, running payroll in minutes, improving the onboarding processes, introducing the “self-serve” experience, and many more.

A Simplified Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Journey

Let our AI and Insurance experts do all the insurance heavy-lifting by getting you the best quotes from the top medical insurance companies in Dubai Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Managing employees and renewing your group health insurance policies. Your People can now get answers for all their medical insurance needs. Our AI will assist them in finding what they are covered for, where they are covered and How. Welcome to a modern approach to managing health insurance in Dubai.

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We call it a People Platform. They Call it an HR system
Here's How We are Better

Hire Better

Our applicant tracking system will help you automate tedious parts of the pre-hiring and selection process. You will be able to control your candidate inflow to find the best talent for your company. Coming Soon

Time-tracking made simple

Managing time off is now at your fingertips. From creating time off policies to reviewing and approving leave requests, you can now plan your team capacity in a breeze. Coming Soon

Retain the best, always

Measure performance by collecting real-time employee feedback on how you can improve your business, what is bothering them, and what are they not happy about. With our seamless, continuous performance management software, you can view and add objectives, update progress, and drive feedback in real-time. Coming Soon

An Ai End-to- End Tool

Manage all your tasks in one place. A cloud-based HR software, benefits, productivity, employee performance, and payroll solution all driven by artificial intelligence and synced seamlessly together.

All Data in Sync

An intuitive single human resources information systems (HRIS) to maintain all company and employee data, in one digital space.

Payroll Services in a Breeze

Managing payroll has never been easier. With our unified human resources information systems (HRIS), employee management system, and payroll application, we ensure payroll is done as swiftly as possible. Moreover, your employee payroll data is always kept safe with bank-level encryption. Coming Soon

An Insurance and Benefits platform that you will love

Compare, buy and manage the right healthcare plan for your team. With our smart AI, you will never have to worry about time or cost. It will take care of finding the best health insurance quotes for free.

Real-time Dashboard and Insight tool

Our Ai will turn valuable data into insights, so you know what is going on. Our powerful reporting tool will give you a breadth of value on your team performance, trends and summaries.

24/7 customer support made for you

Didn't find all your answers with our Ai bot? Our Live-chat benefit experts will help you find what you need.

Payroll Services in a Breeze

View your pay slip instantly and have our Ai verify that you are paid on time, always. Coming Soon

Track your performance in real-time

Give your 180- or 360-degrees feedback anonymously (or not), track your objectives, update progress, and collaborate with your team. Coming Soon

An Exceptional Self-Onboarding tool

An effective self-onboarding process for your new that reduces paperwork enhances onboarding time and make team introductions more pleasant.

All Data in Sync

Your employees can now view, access and update all their files, all in one place.

Make your voice heard

Be part of building a great work culture by answering company surveys, engaging in daily sentiment activities, sending thumbs up (or down) to your team, and collecting valuable employee feedback. Coming Soon

An Insurance and Benefits platform that you will love

Now you can easily access your medical insurance policy from the comfort of your home. From exploring your network to finding out what you are covered for, our Ai will answer all your questions instantly.

Time-tracking made simple

Booking your time off has never been easier. Mobile? Desktop? Bot? Book your time off from any place. Coming Soon

Are You Ready to bring the Human back to Human Resources?
Switching from your Current HR Software to Aqeed People has never been easier.

If you are an HR professional looking for the right type of software, precisely, a cloud-based HR software solution to solve all the routine and non-strategic HR administrative tasks that are not allowing you to do you human resources job, you have come to the right place.