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Could your office benefit from HR software?

Hr software
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The person or persons, responsible for HR have a crucial role in any organization.

As well as handling functions such as recruitment, payroll, and benefits, they are responsible for the well-being and engagement of your employees.

But HR departments can often become bogged down in less essential administrative tasks and don’t have enough time to dedicate to looking out for your staff.

HR software could be the solution to preventing that situation and helping your company become more efficient, productive and successful.

It isn’t hard to comprehend the crucial value offered by HR within an organization.  From SMEs to global corporations, this department can be the linchpin of success or failure.  Usually, this is the area from which the culture of the company will be managed and implemented, the area from which employees at all levels will feel most supported or ignored, the area from which the most useful information can be gathered or discarded.

For these reasons and many others, the HR function of an organization, whether that is one person or a whole team, must be able to operate at the most effective level, so that they can keep the business running at its most effective level.

A little bit of history

HR or human resources management has been a vital tool in business success since the early 1900s.  Back then it was called ‘personnel administration,’ and its growth in relevance became even more pronounced as innovations in modern living created a greater need for sizable factories, larger corporations, and much higher employee numbers.  Business owners back then realized the need for a dedicated resource or department to handle the variety of issues raised by a workforce of individuals and a more centralized facility to deal with recruitment and compensation.  Smart employers quickly realized that “motivated employees were more productive employees.”Thus the traditional concept of HR was born and the cementing of their role as custodians of all things employee and structural from hiring to firing, benefits to payroll, communications to evaluations.

What might be holding your HR department back?

Given their wide remit of responsibilities, good efficiency is vital for the overall performance of an HR department.  Day to day administration can lead to inefficient use of time that will ultimately compromise the department’s ability to focus on the employees within the organization.  The most successful companies know that good employee engagement results in increased productivity and higher performance; so when HR is prevented from engaging sufficiently with their employees, it has dire consequences for the entire organization.

How can you improve the performance of HR?

The answer you need is actually quite simple and the perfect embodiment of modern advancements in the workplace; a dedicated software solution.  HR software offers an opportunity to utilize the innovative tools of a specific platform to drastically reduce the daily administrative minutia that stands in the way of real, more impactful, work.  HR software for small businesses can make a huge difference to their productivity and save valuable time.

The benefits of HR software

Here in the UAE, the primary administrative responsibilities of any HR department are related to recruitment, payroll and employee provisions including benefits and insurance.  These are the exact elements that an HR software platform is designed to assist with.

Implementing this type of technology in your organization could mean that:

You save time.

Given that the satisfaction of your staff is so crucial to performance, your HR personnel needs to be free to facilitate greater engagement with your employees and deal with any potential issues.  HR software will provide a flexible, interactive platform that will cover the spectrum of HR tasks and allow them to streamline their performance more effectively.

You become more efficient.

Having a single, intuitive platform reduces the chances of mistakes or lost information.  With HR and payroll software, data is gathered more effectively, without requiring manual labor, which means more decisions can be based on actual facts, compliance landmines avoided and more appropriate conclusions can gleam.

You become more responsive.

Not only would HR software free up the HR team to focus on more face-to-face employee time, but the platform itself will work for the employees as well.  By digitizing many of the HR functions, you create a connected portal that can be accessed more easily so staff can get the answers and information they need at the touch of a button (and HR don’t get asked so many repetitive questions!).

You save money.

HR software provides your organization with a streamlined solution to handle the more mundane elements of HR administration, such as attendance reporting, so you won’t have to hire extra staff. The extra time and money you save will also allow you to focus on more valuable benefits to your business such as training, learning, development and employee retention.

For your employees, HR software could:

Help them speak up.

If employees have more comfortable ways of communicating internally and feel encouraged to do so, they will feel more satisfied and engaged, which ultimately makes them more productive.  Your organization will also benefit from more honest feedback that could lead to improvements that could have otherwise been missed.

Improve their performance.

By utilizing a platform that works for both HR and employees, the entire company will be able to instantly access instant feedback and reviews that will enable them to track their growth and adapt to suggestions much quicker.  Traditional annual appraisals often miss vital aspects or overload employees with too much negative information.  HR software platforms allow this useful cross-communication on performance to take place during the year and issue suggestions and praise when required, rather than let things continue without action.

Improve the employee experience.

By being able to respond seamlessly to recurring FAQs. With automation and creating a database of FAQs, employees will have access to a lot of their questions answered without using the time of their Employer

The best HR software is one that enables HR personnel to spend more time taking care of their employees.  It allows an HR department to be more agile and adaptable, so they can accommodate any changes that might be essential to the company’s growth.  For SMEs HR software with an embedded artificial intelligence protocol will mean they can significantly cut costs and improve efficiency; which, when you are a growing company with big ambitions, can make all the difference.  If you are a company who understands how important your employees are to your future success and are concerned at all about your HR team’s ability to assist them, due to their current workload, you can’t afford to not think about a smart HR software such as Aqeed People, that could be the ticket to an ultimate experience.

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