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6 myths about switching to digital HR solutions

Digital Hr Solutions Myths
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Some business owners resist digital HR solutions because of misinformation.

No company is “too small” to digitize.

Switching to digital HR solutions should be simple and easy.

Digital HR solutions can help your current HR team be more productive.

Why are you still struggling with outdated HR approaches? Have you thought about making the switch to digital HR solutions, but something keeps holding you back? Maybe you heard an unpleasant story from a competitor (in which case, you may want to reconsider their motives) or perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with tech adoption in the past.

However, with HR technology slated for massive growth in the coming years, it’s important to know the facts.

The Truth Behind the Myth of Digital HR Solutions

If you’ve been introduced to HR digitization in the past, know that the latest most innovative technology is worlds away from what you likely encountered. Let’s debunk some myths about digital HR solutions and making the switch. You might discover that it’s precisely what you and your company’s needs.

My company isn’t big enough to need this.

The only company that might even consider flirting with skipping HR solutions is a sole proprietorship that doesn’t deal with any contracts or vendors. However, even then you’ll receive a number of benefits from going digital. HR encompasses a wide range of business tasks, from ensuring work compliance to payroll. Smaller businesses might think they’re not large enough, but hopefully, they will continue to grow. Adopt early and thank yourself later.

Nobody on my team is that tech savvy.

No matter who is in charge of managing your digital HR solutions, they should be able to handle a quality program. One of the significant markers of any reputable HR software solution is that it’s user-friendly. Learning curves will happen, but that’s what live support from your software solution is for.

My HR team is happy with how things are.

There are a couple of issues with this HR software myth.

First, that might not be the case—have you asked your HR team? Are you confident they’re transparent? Why are they happy with the current situation? Humans are creatures of habit and change can sound scary. However, they probably don’t understand how much easier, faster, and better their job would be if digital solutions were adopted.

Another issue might be that they worry digitization will replace them, putting their job security before the best interests of the company. Remember: you’ll still need an HR team or person even with digital solutions in place. However, your HR team will still be required for more significant tasks like employee engagement, retention, development and growth. Digitization can help take your HR team to the next level.

Digitization Myths Continue to be Busted

It’ll take too long.

This HR software misconception is only true if you opt for a low-quality software solution. Choose an HR software solution that’s designed for your company’s needs, and it will be an easy introduction.
It won’t integrate with my other technology or the tech I want to buy.
Akin to taking too long, this also shouldn’t be true. Any technology you implement, including HR software, should be designed to integrate seamlessly with other technology. It will also have regular upgrades, so you never miss out on any complementary new technology.

It’s too expensive.

There are price points for all businesses, but what’s really expensive is depending on an old solution that’s prone to mistakes and slow progress. HR digitization actually saves money for companies of all sizes. If you compare your current costs with what digitization can offer, you’ll find out that you’re probably overpaying now.

Is It Time for You to Go Digital?

A lot of myths can surround technology, especially when workers are set in their ways. Adopting HR software such as Aqeed People now can be a significant boost to your company. If you’re a smaller business or startup, it’s also smart to introduce software earlier so that your crew can get used to it as part of the process. One “myth” that’s true is that you might be able to ditch your outsourced HR provider—and that can be a great thing.

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